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HC Whitetail Breeder Bucks

The breeder bucks at HC Whitetails are selected based on their genetics and Texas frames. We stick to our Texas roots by breeding the best Texas genetics stacked on premium Texas genetics to produce the best Texas offspring possible.


Maximus' pedigree is stacked from bottom to top. He is sired by Gladiator XL/The Judge/Stickers. 

Voodoos Smoke is a 225" 2 year old that was born on the ranch in 2017. His first set of horns showed a lot of promise, and he didn't let us down at 2. He is sired by Rockstars Voodoos Magic/Big Stitch/Hugo. His pedigree and head gear put him at the front of the line for this 2019-20 breeding season.

Judge Approved is a beautiful main framed buck with a great look. He is sired by The Judge over a Cash Flow daughter. 

Contact us to talk about purchasing some bred does out of these whitetail bucks (delivery available in Feb-March 2019). 

Judge Approved

'HC Maximus is pictured here at 2 years old in 2019. His pedigree is deep, Gladiator XL/The Judge/Stickers. DNA# 257238

'Voodoos Smoke' is beautiful two year old buck with a big typical basket with a little extra. He has a lot of promise and will be in a group with our best does this breeding season. DNA# 257244

'Judge Approved' has a big typical frame with a hammer drop tine. He is sired by The Judge over a Cash Flow doe. DNA# 269609

2019-20 AI Program


The 2019-20 AI program at HC Whitetails consists of several very well-known breeder bucks in the industry with outstanding wide, typical frames. This year we are using Gladiator XL, Heisman, Gladiator II (sired Gladiator XL), Franchise, Classic Wizard, High Jumper and The Judge.


Gladiator XL is a highly sought after buck that needs little explanation. He is out of Maxbo XL and a Gladiator II doe. He scored 392" B&C at just 3 years old and has only grown since. He has 200+" B&C offspring all over the state.


'Classic Wizard' is co-owned by Classic Canyon Ranch and Rockstar Deer. He is pictured here as a 1 year old, he was over 25" wide and scored more than 266" B&C. He is out of Witch Dr/TR Texbo/TR Rattler.

'Gladiator II' ​is another power house pedigree. He sired the very well known breeder bucks Gladiator XL and Gladiator III, among many other studs. He is sired by Gladiator/Eclipse/Big Papa Pump.

We have a limited amount of does for sale each year. Contact us for details. 

Gladiator XL is known for producing trophy bucks. He is co-owned by Rockstar Whitetails. DNA# 94109.

Classic Wizard pictured at 1. 266" B&C and over 25" wide. His looks say it all. DNA# 226076

The Judge pictured at 4 years old. The Judge is old school Texas genetics with a classic Texas look. 

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