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About us


HC Whitetails 4,500 game proof ranch is located in South Texas, an area well known for producing trophy whitetails. We are a family owned ranch that runs a cow/calf operation, a whitetail deer breeding facility and a hunting operation. We believe in continuing the tradition of hunting while providing a better product to our customers. Our mission at HC Whitetails is to produce trophy whitetails by breeding top quality whitetails with Texas genetics.


Since the late 1990's, the ranch has been game managed and is currently under the Parks Wildlife Land Mange Assistance (LMA) program. This program along with our high fence has enabled us to manage the whitetail population with the goals of keeping a healthy herd population and raising trophy whitetail bucks. The ranch offers some of the finest whitetail hunting opportunities in Texas. Annually, the ranch offers a limited amount of hunts for whitetails, dove, quail, turkey and hogs.

HC Whitetails breeding program offers DNA certified whitetail deer for both land owners and deer breeders. The genetics for HC Whitetails have been carefully selected with the primary goal of producing true Texas frame, trophy whitetails. All our deer have 200"+ genetics throughout their pedigrees, dating back several generations (many have 300"-400" genetics). We developed our herd through the help of several outstanding Texas whitetail breeders, primarily scattered in the central and southern parts of Texas. 

The ranch has hosted dove hunts to raise money for the Former Texas Rangers Association, Operation Game Thief and Veteran Outdoors over the past few years. It is our small token of appreciation for those who have served in our military and who have worked in law enforcement.

Please visit HC Whitetail Breeding and Hunting at the Ranch to learn more about what we have to offer. Thank you for your interest in HC Whitetails.

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